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Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington DC
Trade and Commerce with the US

Trade and Commerce with the US

Leading Market for US Exports

The UAE is the United States's largest export market in the Middle East, with $15.9 billion in exports in 2011. All 50 states export to the UAE.Learn more about Trade and Commerce with the US


UAE to develop region's first space agency and project to send unmanned probe to Mars

Expansion of the UAE’s aerospace and space technology initiatives will showcase the country’s capability to deliver new scientific contributions to the world through knowledge exchange and international partnerships.

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Meridian International and UAE Embassy partnership brings cultural exchange to the US

Past Forward: Contemporary Art from the United Arab Emirates, brings artwork and artists to the United States, tells the story of UAE’s rich history, culture and rapid development through 50 paintings, sculptures, and other artwork by 25 notable Emirati artists. 

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CNN interviews UAE’s first female fighter pilot

UAE Air Force F-16 pilot Maryam Al Mansoori shares her story on how determination, hard work, and a sense of duty for her country helped her achieve her goals. 

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US underscores importance of UAE as a key partner on energy issues

During a lecture at the Majlis of HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, US Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman discussed the importance of US and UAE cooperation on a number of energy issues, including preserving the growth and stability of the world economy and energy markets.

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In Focus
Peaceful Nuclear Energy
The UAE is pursuing a peaceful, civilian nuclear energy program that upholds the highest standards of safety, security, nonproliferation, and operational transparency.
UAE-US Relations
The UAE and US are reliable allies with shared strategic interests in the security, economic and social-cultural arenas.
Establishing a Business
The UAE has one of the most open economies in the world. Learn more about the different ways to do business there.
US Universities in the UAE
The UAE is proud to partner with numerous US universities to improve education and promote cross-cultural understanding.
Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai will host the World Expo in 2020 under the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. "BE PART OF IT", explore what Dubai Expo has planned for the global community to come together and explore creative solutions in Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity on the Expo's website and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.